This page goes over some of the basic problems that you may have encountered when installing Salt. If none of these solutions relate to your problem, feel free to email us at

Not Commonly Downloaded Warning

When you download either the trial or the full game patcher, you may get a warning that looks like this:

NotCommonlyDownloaded Image

Since Salt only recently released, these files have not been downloaded enough times for your browser to trust it. To know that you are downloading from us, check and make sure you see the "https" at the beginning of the web address that you are on. To bypass your browser's warning about the file, click the small downward facing arrow to the right of the warning (as shown in the picture) and click "keep".

Windows protected your PC message

On Windows 8, the Salt trial and patcher are not recognized. You will likely get this warning when trying to install the game after downloading. Within the warning banner, click the small "More Info" link between the text and the OK button. This will reveal a button to "Run anyway". Click that button to proceed with the installation.

Problems with Patcher

We recently switched to a new patcher. If you have problems with it, please send us an email at The old patcher still works and can be downloaded from here (requires Java).

You are stuck spinning or moving when you start the game

Check if you have a controller or gamepad plugged into you computer. If so, unplug it and restart the game. Additionally, if you have a virtual joystick installed, disable it in your device manager.

Minor graphical problems

In the options on the main menu, enable forward rendering and click the apply button. This has been known to resolve some minor graphical errors such as the sun and moon not appearing.

Everything turns mostly black when you look at the sun

We will be adding an option in an upcoming patch to disable HDR, which may fix this issue.