Transparency is very important to us at Lavaboots Studios. We hope to keep our players well informed by providing detailed information about what we do as we continually update Salt. Player feedback is essential to our development process; suggestions and complaints will shape our game as it grows through constant improvements. We appreciate that players have the ability to present ideas that can be cultivated into results that the Lavaboots team could not have envisioned alone. Through transparency and communication with our players, we hope to craft an adventure worth remembering.

Early Access

We are releasing Salt through an early access model. This means that players have content to experience immediately upon purchase, as opposed to a pre-order model where players submit payment long before they are able to play the promised content. Early access also gives players an opportunity to be a part of the development process, providing feedback that will shape the final product. Players can report bugs, follow updates, and enjoy playing the ever-changing game!


Frequent updates are imperative to the early access process. For this reason, we have created a patcher to simplify the update process for Salt players. The patcher will automatically check if there is a newer version of the game available, and give players the option to install the latest changes. The patcher will also grant players the choice to easily revert to an older version of the game. All updates will be optional.

DRM and Piracy

In order for our players to access the game offline after the initial download, we will not be using strict DRM software to prevent piracy. The patcher will check account credentials to allow updates if players have purchased the game. There will be no further anti-piracy measures imposed upon the player. We hope that players will support us by buying Salt, where pirates are in-game enemies!