Known Bug List

The following is a list of known bugs in Salt. It is updated periodically by us. If you are encountering a bug that is not on this list, please let us know about it.

  • Falling through islands

    Sometimes players fall through islands and into the water underneath them.

  • Uncontrolled Turning/Movement

    Your character constantly turns without you doing anything. Look in your device manager and disable any virtual joystick software that you have active. This is often the culprit of uncontrolled movement. If this doesn't help, unplug any controllers that you may have plugged into your computer. Additionally, 3D mice have been also known to cause this issue. Disable the 3D mouse driver.

  • Bow points to the side

    Occasionally the bow's animation will mess up, and it will get stuck pointing a little off to the side, making it hard to aim.

  • Boat sometimes sends you into air

    Sometimes when you run into parts of the boat, the physics can cause you and/or the boat to fling into the air. This is currently most common when you touch or have recently touched an object that you placed upon the ship such as a table.

  • Ocean doesn't show up

    Reported on a HD radeon 7500. Quote from one player who found a solution: "After buying my new graphics card I installed the new Crimson software package from AMD. Salt worked for a while after that, but when I installed a newer driver package I started having the water issue. I was testing Salt this morning and it reminded me of when the issue began. About a month later I was having a different graphics issue with a different game. I ended up adding the game profile to my Radeon Settings program manually and instructing it to let the application decide when it wanted to use certain features. This solved the issue there, so I thought it would work here. I was right. Bottom line, I've had to manually make my GPU software let the game decide instead of choosing automatically. My water is back!"

  • Bow Animation Messes Up While Aiming and Sprinting

    Try re-equipping the bow to fix.

  • World Too Bright / Washed Out

    Forward rendering can cause this appearance. Try turning it off in the main menu options.

  • Screen Turns Black

    This is often caused by a bug in tonemapping. Try disabling HDR or enabling Forward Rendering in the main menu graphics options.

  • Islands Not Generating

    You sail along and don't see any islands for a while. There are a couple of different causes for this. If you are far away from the starting island (near 50 sextant units or more), islands start to appear in large random clusters with lots of ocean sometimes between each cluster. This means that you can sometimes sail for quite a while without seeing an island. If you have low frame rate, it could be that the islands are taking a while to generate, and you pass them up before you see them. You can adjust the Island Spawn distance, Island Gen Target FPS, and Min Island Gen Speed in the main menu options to correct this.

  • Flying Ships

    If you rest at a campfire while your ship is beached at the shore, it will sometimes go flying into the air.

  • Crash on opening chests or exiting game

    Here is a quote from a player who solved this problem: "Based on some other Unity threads. It's an issue with many Windows systems and corruption of the hidden UNCL.ttf system file in the Windows/fonts folder. I wouldn't be surprised if you see other users reporting similar crashes -- this is a problem with Unity, not local to your game. Opening the chest was just the activating behavior in this case -- I got similar crashes when quitting via the menu. If you see other crash logs where the ASCII portion lists that file, suggest your reporting user run a google search for the steps to resolve this particular crash."

  • Poison persists through death

    If you died while poisoned, it will remain on you after you respawn.

  • Islands Spawn Slow or Late

    If an island spawns on top of you, or you find an island with only sand/grass textures, it is likely that the islands are spawning too slowly. You can adjust the speed and distance at which islands spawn in the main menu gameplay options. Reducing the Island Spawn Distance will affect how close an island has to be to you to being spawning. A lower value on this option will generally cause less islands to spawn at once, reducing the load on the system. Lowering Island Gen Target FPS will cause islands to spawn faster at the expense of framerate. Increase the Min Island Gen Speed option to set the very minimum speed at which islands will spawn.

  • Interface Disappeared

    Press F1 and it should come back. F1 is the hotkey to toggle the HUD.

  • Crafting Switch

    Begin the process of crafting an item and select a different recipe before the crafting timer has finished will result in crafting the second pressed recipe instead of the first.